Jedi Counsel

Jedi Counsel Podcast 53 - Get Out, Part 2: A Discussion of Racism and Mental Health

June 30, 2017

*This episode includes Get Out spoilers.*

 Hi there, awesome listeners! Today’s episode continues the discussion of the critically-acclaimed horror film, Get Out. First, we talk about race-related themes in the movie and their connections to psychology and mental health. Next, we discuss the approaches that mental health professionals take to provide effective services for diverse clients. Finally, we offer concluding thoughts and one of Brandon’s famous pearls of wisdom.

For more detailed information on these topics, please check out the following:

-Get Out: Jordan Peele, a podcast episode on the Q&A Podcast

-A blog post by Katie that summarizes and links to information about racial discrimination

-American Psychological Association resources on psychology & racism

-Naming It, a podcast co-hosted by two psychologists who “explore the intersections of social justice, psychology, and Blackness”

-Hidden Brain, a podcast that recently did a series of episodes on topics related to psychology & racism

-5 mental health podcasts by therapists of color

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