Jedi Counsel

Jedi Counsel Podcast 62 - Rick & Morty Series, Part 2: The Psychology of Rick Sanchez

September 8, 2017

Hello, Rick and Morty fans! This week, we continue our series with a focus on Rick’s mental health (after 15 minutes of talking about unrelated stuff first, like Frasier). We discuss whether Rick exhibits symptoms of antisocial or narcissistic personality disorder, psychopathy, or an alcohol use disorder. For more details on these topics, check out our full blog post about Rick’s mental health or the video of our Psychology of the Dark Side talk. Finally, we mention a wonderful video featuring Dr. Andrea Letamendi at the beginning of the episode. You can watch it here. We hope you enjoy this episode! If you do, please do us a favor and leave us a review on iTunes! Thank you so much!

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