Jedi Counsel

Jedi Counsel Podcast 63 - Rick and Morty Series Part 3: Toxic Rick and Motivational Interviewing

September 15, 2017

Hey fans from Dimension C-137! This week we conclude our series by picking up with Motivational Interviewing. We give a brief primer of what this treatment looks like and discuss whether or not it might be an effective treatment option for Rick. After that, we briefly discuss the episode called Rest and Ricklaxation, in which we see what qualities Rick perceives to be toxic. Lastly (well actually early on, but still), we announce our potential plans to start a brand new Rick and Morty podcast geared toward breaking down the psychology in each and every episode! If you have liked this mini-series,  you can support the funding for the new podcast at our Patreon page at Thank you!! 

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